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Home Alone -
Pup Edition!

This is an online E-learning course designed to get you started on leaving your

pup home alone to help overcome separation anxiety issues from arising.

There are 10 modules and here is the course overview:

Module 1:

Understanding Separation Anxiety and Benefits of Early Home Alone


- Defining separation anxiety

- Learn common signs and symptoms

-The impact on both the puppy and the owner


Module 2:

Early Socialisation Techniques

- Importance of early socialisation

- Gradual exposure to different environments, people, and other animals

- Positive reinforcement during socialisation


Module 3:

Building Independence

- Teaching puppies to enjoy alone time

- Implementing short absences to promote independence

- Gradual increase in alone time duration


Module 4:

Establishing a Heathy Routine

- The role of routine in preventing anxiety

- Creating a predictable schedule for feeding, play, and rest in puppyhood

- How routines provide a sense of security for puppies


Module 5:

Crate/Play Pen Training for Security

-Training plan for Introducing puppies to crates/play pens in a positive way


Module 6:

Positive Reinforcement Training and Its Benefits

- Reward-based training for good behaviour

- Teaching basic commands to enhance communication

- Encouraging positive associations with departures and arrivals


Module 7:

Enrichment and Its Benefits

- Providing enrichment through toys and puzzles

- Selecting appropriate toys for different breeds and personalities

- Engaging puppies in activities that promote mental and physical well-being


Module 8:

Handling Absences Appropriately

- ⁠Teaching your puppy to settle

- Door desensitisation training

- Strategies for leaving and returning home calmly

- Avoiding dramatic exits and arrivals

- Gradual desensitisation to departures


Module 9:

Seeking Professional Help

- Recognising when to consult a specialised trainer or behaviourist

- Collaborating with veterinary professionals to address anxiety issues


Module 10:

Long-Term Maintenance

- Monitoring and adjusting preventive strategies as the puppy grows

- Fostering a lifelong healthy relationship with the puppy

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