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Separation Anxiety
Puppy Prevention
2 weeks programme

2-Week Puppy Launchpad Program:

Building a Foundation for Happy Alone Time


Embark on a short yet impactful journey to set your puppy on the right path to happiness when home alone with our specially crafted 2-week Puppy Launchpad Program. This program focuses on early prevention and lays the groundwork for a lifetime of contentment for your puppy.

Initial 90-Minute Zoom Session:

   Dive into your puppy's training with a personalised 1-2-1 session. This crucial session is designed to set the stage for a positive and secure alone-time experience.


Two Check-In Online Sessions:

   Stay connected with two online check-in sessions spread across the program. These sessions allow us to monitor progress, address any concerns, and ensure your puppy is on the right track.


Personalised Training Plan:

   Benefit from a tailored training plan designed specifically for your puppy. This plan provides guidance on shaping positive behaviours, creating a foundation for successful alone time.


Video Reviews and Feedback:

   Elevate your learning with video reviews and feedback on your training sessions. This interactive element ensures that you're equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue fostering a positive environment for your puppy.


Extended Support:

   Enjoy unlimited email and WhatsApp support for an additional 2 weeks beyond the program's completion. This extended support ensures a smooth transition as your puppy continues to grow and develop.


How to Get Started:


Upon making the payment, reach out to us to schedule your initial 1-2-1 consultation. Simultaneously, please complete our comprehensive form, a crucial step to understanding your puppy's unique needs and tailoring the program accordingly.


Investment in a Happy Puppyhood:


The 2-week Puppy Launchpad Program is priced at £235,  a valuable investment in ensuring your puppy's early experiences contribute to a lifetime of happiness. For those looking for additional support, explore our extended programs for dogs of all ages.


Click below to initiate a positive and secure future for your puppy when home alone.

Please fill in our form after paying on the download button below.

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