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Hi, I’m Misha. Founder of  Hudson's Tails and Trails, Level 5 IMDTB Behaviourist and WSDA Scent Instructor.  We specialise in training pet spaniels, as well as supporting owners of all breeds through separation anxiety issues, our sole focus related to behavioural issues in dogs.​

About Me

I am the founder of Hudson's Tails and Trails, a Level 5 Accredited Behaviourist with IMDTB as well as a WSDA Scent Instructor.

I own two working cocker spaniels and understand what this amazing breed needs to live happily in a home environment. I believe when training dogs, a breed specific mental and physical stimulation must be at a centre of any training plan. After all, spaniels are bred for a very particular job and whether they are just pets, those instincts do not go away. ​I feel strongly about building a deep, trusting relationship with our dogs in order to enjoy each other’ company and advocate for gentle handling and clear communication when training our dogs.

​I continue to broaden my knowledge by attending regular seminars, webinars and other dog related courses. 

I developed a passion for learning about Separation related issues in pets after witnessing many of my clients struggle with these problems and how debilitating it can be for both the owners and their pets. This sparked my interest and pushed me to solely centre my attention on this one behavioural issue in pets and to strive to learn all I can to help owners through it.

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