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Separation Anxiety


Is your dog  struggling with separation anxiety?

It's more common than you think.

Separation anxiety is a condition that affects dogs when they are left alone, causing immense panic and distress.

But worry not, as compassionate and experienced dog trainers,  we can help your canine companion gain the confidence they need to conquer this challenge.

Separation anxiety is characterised by behaviours like excessive vocalisation, destructive behaviours, indoor accidents, restlessness, escape attempts, and in severe cases even self harm. These behaviors occur when dogs feel overwhelmed by the absence of their beloved owners.


Imagine the emotional turmoil your dog experiences when left alone.

Separation anxiety can lead to emotional and physical distress, affecting their overall well-being.

It's essential to address this issue to ensure a happier, more balanced life for you and your dog.

Through our specialised training techniques, we focus on empowering dogs to feel secure and self-assured when left alone.

By employing subthreshold training methods  and gradually introducing positive experiences and creating a safe routine, we build their confidence, teaching them that being alone is nothing to fear.

As dog professionals, we understand the emotional toll separation anxiety can have on both you and your dog.

Living with a dog that suffers from this condition can be challenging and very trying.

Rest assured, we are here to offer understanding, guidance, support and effective solutions to make life easier for both you and your beloved pet.



A future where your dog greets each day with confidence and joy, even when left home alone.

Together, we'll work towards that goal,

 with specialised exercises, and a personalised training plans tailored to your dog's unique needs.

Separation Anxiety
2 weeks puppy programme 

Separation Anxiety
4 weeks programme 

Separation Anxiety
8 weeks programme 

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