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1-2-1 Spaniel Training Package

Spaniel training package is suitable for pet spaniels and spaniel crosses of any age including puppies.

The package consists of 4 sessions and focuses of basic obedience (recall, lead manners, settle and calmness, appropriate dog-dog interactions, introducing and working around distractions and any specific training issues you may wish to address) as well as building and strengthening a relationship between you and your spaniel by utilising spaniel specific mental and physical stimulation through retrieving and controlled hunting activities.

The first session takes place at your home to discuss what specific training issues you may be experiencing the subsequent sessions take place at a location agreed by both parties to enable training with real life distractions.

spaniel training

Book A Package

We cover Burgess Hill and all surrounding villages within 5 miles radius.

Once payment is made, please get in touch to arrange dates and times to book your 4 sessions in.

Please fill in our form after paying on the download button below.

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