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Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, please see below or email us if you can't find what you are looking for.

What types of training do we offer?

We provide Spaniel Group Training, One-on-One Sessions, and Training Packages. We also offer Separation Anxiety Training for all breeds. Group sessions are held in a secure outdoor field, while one-on-one and package sessions can be at your home or a mutually agreed location.

What is covered in your Spaniel group training courses?

We offer Foundation, Level 1 and Level 2 courses. These cover basic obedience, how to build a strong relationship with your spaniel and how to fulfil their breed specific needs to ensure your spaniel is happy, content, reliable and safe.

Can you help us prepare for arrival of our spaniel puppy?

Yes, of course. You can request to have a session before your puppy arrives when you book our spaniel training package. This will allow you to ask any questions you may have and get yourself ready to face the mighty spaniel puppy.

What do your 1-2-1 training packages cover?

All our training packages are tailored to your needs and can cover any training you need/want.

What if I need help in between sessions?

We are available daily via WhatsApp and recommend you message and ask any questions you may have as you are going along. We are here to support you fully throughout your training journey.

What causes Separation Anxiety?

Unfortunately, we do not know what exactly causes Separation Anxiety. We however do know that you did not cause it!!!!

Will my dog get used to being alone without training?

It is really unlikely your dog will get used to being alone if they are fearful. As separation anxiety is fear and panic based, the likelihood is, it will only get worse if not addressed.

How long does it take to fix separation anxiety?

Unfortunately, there is no way to answer this as it is completely dog dependent. However, by working with a right trainer, suspending absences and training with commitment and consistency you will see progress.

Should I use food in Separation Anxiety Training?

We do not use food within our separation training. If your dog is fearful of being left, chances are they will not eat in your absence. If they do, it may provide a temporary distraction but as soon as they finish food and realise you had gone, they will panic.

Is there any follow up support after a session?

Yes, we are here and available via WhatsApp daily to provide support and advice whilst you are working through your training.

What is Separation Anxiety training?

Separation Anxiety training is a sub threshold training taking entirely at your dogs pace, to ensure no discomfort is caused. 

How can we help you treat Separation Anxiety?

Our programs are designed to guide you in addressing your dog's separation anxiety. Throughout the program, you'll witness a boost in your dog's confidence when home alone. Our goal is not only to enhance your dog's independence but also to instill confidence in your ability to implement effective training methods. We prioritise evidence-based approaches that have successfully assisted numerous dogs in overcoming separation anxiety.

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