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Misha has been a tremendous help to us when we got a cocker spaniel puppy. In the 6 weeks we have been working with her, her advice and training has made a huge difference to our puppy and the way we understand her needs. We will continue with further classes. She understands gun dogs so well !! I can thoroughly recommend her!!

Matt & Woody

Can't recommend Hudson's Tails and Trails enough. Misha's approach to dog training is amazing. Along with her team, she will get the best out of you and your spaniel.

Karen & Kallie

The best trainer for spaniels hands down. Misha really understands these dogs and knows how to encourage their natural drives in a productive way. She has helped us so much with our working line sprocker and we have been amazed what we have achieved over the course. All force free reward led training, using play as a reward is so simple but works so well. Cannot thank her enough.
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